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  • October 8, 2022
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Position 1 : Senior Information Systems Officer:

Job Description

Senior Information Systems Officer:

Number of positions: One

Duty station: ICAP Ethiopia head office (Addis Ababa)

Job Summary:

Under technical supervision of ICT Infrastructure Support Coordinator, the Senior Information Systems Officer will be responsible for overseeing the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Central Data Repository (CDR), Health Management Information System (HMIS) and Laboratory Information System (LIS), including upgrades, routine support, troubleshooting, and training.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Design/Manage/migrate/upgrade/Deploy LAN and WAN systems including wireless networks at different health institutions as required

·         Maintain/deploy systems for maximum uptime.

·         Monitor system performance and resource requirements, specify and install system upgrades.

·         Putting appropriate disaster recovery mechanisms in place for critical systems and follow up the implementation.

·         Troubleshoot system issues to resolution.

·         Manages/deploy multiple servers, and workstations, ensuring proper integration of the systems

·         Manages/deploy multiple linked database applications to include security, data safety and integrity, disaster recovery, and development and implementation of bulk data import/export procedures.

·         Providing IT Technical supports on eHealth Systems for Health Institutions in person or remotely.

·         Capacitate information technology (IT) professionals on managing and recovery of databases in cases of system failure

·         Conduct eHealth systems training of trainers (TOT) and End Users Trainings

·         Complete performance reports regularly

·         Carry out other tasks as required

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, or electrical engineering or related IT discipline with at least ten years of experience in Health Information Systems administration, deployment, and maintenance activities
  •  Strong technical skills and understanding of system administration and networking, system security, and maintenance
  • Proven experience of network design and deployment as well as providing continuous technical assistance  
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English as well as local working languages.
  • Having Microsoft, Cisco or other networking, hardware and security related certifications is advantageous 

How to Apply

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Closing date for receiving applications is – October 13, 2022

Apply Now Deadline Oct 13, 2022

Position 2 : Requirements Engineer

Job Description

Number of position: One

Duty station: Addis Ababa


The Requirements Engineer are charged working with the project stakeholders and end users to elicit, understand, analyze, and document the requirements for an EMR, HMIS and LIS systems in order to fulfill stakeholder requirements. The Requirements Engineer will also be responsible for producing specifications and determining operational feasibility.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•         Participate in identifying, documenting and sharing best practices of data use for evidence-based clinical and public health practices to strive for quality and equitable health service delivery

•         Participate in the landscape and gap analysis of the existing HIS, including EMR and lab information systems to identify gaps or factors that hinders information use for program or patient monitoring at health facility and administrative level

•         Develop system analysis tool and undertake systematic system analysis

•         Develop detailed and comprehensive system requirements on all aspects of patient and information flow, interoperability, data collection, aggregation, analysis, use, and reporting

•         Compares stakeholders needs to what different systems have to offer and helps identify which system meets all/most of needs and present the detailed and comprehensive system requirements to all relevant stakeholders

•         Coordinate and undertake in-house/field testing of the developed HIV Care Module of EMR and document and provide systematic feedback to the programmers

•         Follow-up the enhancement of the system based on in-house/ field testing feedbacks

•         Participate in development of system documentation

•         Develop training materials encompassing both ICT (hardware and software) and health program monitoring

•         Provide Training of Trainers (TOT)

•         Identify any gaps between system requirements or end-user needs and the existing /newly developed electronic systems, including DHIS-2 and EMR, and provide support to enhance the system accordingly

•         Participate in developing data validation rules to be followed during data collection and software customization or development

•         Participate in different HIS technical working groups (TWGs) and support the FMOH and RHBs in development of strategic information and other areas as required

•         Provide technical assistance in adopting eHealth standards to facilitate information system interoperability.

•         Complete performance reports regularly

•         Carry out other tasks as required 

Job Requirements

•         BSc Software engineering, ICT, Computer engineering or related fields, Masters in Health Informatics is advantageous 

•         More than 5 years of experience, experience in Health sector is advantageous

•         Preferably working on the health information management, including HMIS, eHMIS, EMR or other patient monitoring systems

•         Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the Ethiopian heath system and health information systems in general and HIV-related information management, including patient monitoring

•         Ability to lead and produce results with a strong knowledge of results-based management

•         Ability to organize information using appropriate mode of presentation and style and to communicate effectively, illustrating relevance of information to the intended audience

•         Strong analytical, negotiation and communication skills, including ability to produce high quality reports and knowledge products

•         Strong oral and written skills in English and Amharic

•         Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, and basic knowledge of databases including SQL/oracle or any other RDBMS is required 

How to Apply

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Closing date for receiving applications is – October 12, 2022

Position 3 : Regional HIV CS Coordinator

Job Description

Job Description:  Regional HIV CS Coordinator

Positions available: Five (5)

Duty station: Addis Ababa, Amhara, Oromia, Hawassa, and Gambella


Under the guidance of the ICAP Regional Director ,the regional HIV CS Coordinator will be responsible to the overall implementation HIV case surveillance (CS) program in the region. The CS coordinator work closely with their respective Regional Health Bureau (RHB) under close supervision of ICAP’s Regional director and other ICAP surveillance team members. She/He will actively participate in developing implementation plan, organizing, coordinating, and facilitating HIV CS implementation activities such as capacity building training, site readiness assessment and activation, periodical supportive supervision, and mentorship on the implementation of HIV CS and HIV recency testing. Further, the CS coordinator, is expected to support RHB in the analysis and visualization of the program data and producing periodical surveillance reports.


  • Coordinate the regional HIV CS implementation
  • Attend the regional technical HIV CS meetings in your capacity as an ICAP representative.
  • oversee advisors who are under your supervision.
  • Support the RHB in planning, capacity building, and implementing HIV Case Surveillance,
  • Conduct site readiness assessment and activation for new HIV CS health facilities,
  • Ensure that the health facilities have the necessary supplies for HIV CS
  • Ensure RITA is conducted for all eligible HIV infected cases at health facilities and ensure the implementation of QC methods for RTRI.
  • Monitor the implementation of site level response in all the CS facilities using the SOP and site level response tracker, and  provide feedback to stakeholders accordingly.
  • Prepare weekly activity plan and submit performance report to the central team,
  • Conduct continuous and periodic monitoring of HIV CS implementing health facilities by prioritizing high load-high impact facilities.
  • Work closely with the RHB HIV CS focal and health facilities to ensure the quality of surveillance data being produced (i.e., in all data quality dimensions).
  • Provide technical assistance and on-the-job trainings/orientations on HIV CS activities including data collection, processing, data analysis, visualization, and in producing program performance reports.
  • Formulate new interventions based on evidence when available, and control measures in response to epidemiologic findings,
  • Closely follow and support the selected show-case HIV CS facilities that serve as model in all aspects of the HIV CS activities,

·         Participate in supportive supervisions at national, regional, and sub-regional level,

  • Facilitate regional, zonal and Woreda level review meetings,
  • Carry out other activities as needed.  

Job Requirements

  • MD or master’s degree in public health
  • must have more than 8 years’ experience in public health system.
  • The incumbent needs to have excellent skills in Microsoft apps and services, and data visualization software like Microsoft Power BI.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English as well as in the working languages of the respective regions
  • Previous experience working with the international implementing partners, RHB, Zonal Health Departments, and/or Woreda Health Offices on related area is advantageous.
  • Capability to establish and maintain a productive working relationship with the local health office and its associate

How to Apply

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NB – Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Closing date for receiving applications is – October 12, 2022

Apply Now Deadline Oct 12, 2022 

Position 4 : ECHO Project Coordinator

Job Description

                        ICAP at Columbia University

Job description of ECHO Project Coordinator

Number of positions: One

Duty Station: Central office, Addis Ababa

Reports to:  HIS and Data Use Team lead


ICAP is supporting the Ministry of Health (MOH), EPHI and RHBs in Ethiopia to enhance strategic information systems and to develop innovative approaches to increase the efficiency of health service. Project ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a collaborative model of HIV/AIDS Tele-mentoring that empowers service providers, Data management and program staffs to provide better care to more people, right where they live. It uses a hub-and– spoke knowledge-sharing approach where expert teams lead virtual clinics, amplifying the capacity for providers to deliver best-in-practice care to the underserved in their own communities.

Job Summary

The Project ECHO Coordinator will be responsible for assisting MoH, RHBs and Health facilities in using the Project ECHO model for better health service delivery, through de-monopolizing knowledge and skill in clinical care, HIS/M&E, and transforming the health service delivery standards and approaches. He/she will coordinate and facilitates information flow between MoH, regions and, various spoke sites. Assists in the production and distribution of ECHO materials, M&E tools and Curriculum/schedules, and facilitates delivery of courses to spokes sites. Conducts surveys and prepares reports and presentations as needed; He/she will develop and distributes promotional and informational materials, and may provide technical guidance with the use of tele-mentoring learning technology and will maintain the collaborative relations with rural community partners and internal ECHO members. 

He/She will be responsible for maintaining regular TA to HUBs and assist the day-to-day technical HIV prevention, care and treatment, data quality improvement, use and related activities. He/she will mentor, coach for building the capacity of Service providers, data clerks, program and M&E staffs and ECHO team on HIV/AIDS program implementation.  He/ She is expected to have a hands-on experience in HIV/AIDS program health information management system implementation and strong analytical, supervisory and mentorship skills.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

ICAP Ethiopia is seeking applications from suitable and qualified individuals to fill the position of HIV/AIDS project ECHO coordinator, the successful candidate will carry out the following duties:

  • Provide technical leadership, support and facilitation in designing/implementation of ECHO activities
  • Provide support in the development and operation of systems and processes for Project ECHO.
  • Continually build and maintain relationships with existing Project ECHO stakeholders, both internal and external, to include raising the profile.
  • Lead, manage and mentor ECHO project team so expected results for beneficiaries are reached on time and with quality.
  • Provide substantive inputs in the implementation, revision and updating of ECHO materials under the guidance of ECHO TWG and subject matter experts.
  • Coordinate with subject matter experts to ensure that all training materials are available to participants.
  • Ensure frequent and timely communications with presenters and other key stakeholders
  • Support HUBs to announce the HIV/AIDS training sessions and send out invites to respective participants
  • Utilize the i-ECHO platform to collect and analyze data related to all HIV/AIDS ECHO sessions
  • Support setting up of HUB, Superhub and selected spoke sites
  • Prepare inputs for reports, presentations and other materials as required by ECHO teams
  • Develop and implement a quality management strategy and plans, with continual evaluation of Project ECHO services.
  • Monitor report and communicate outcomes both internally and externally as appropriate.
  • Actively participate in documentation of experiences, lessons learned, case studies and other technical documents related with Project ECHO implementation.

·         Participate in coordination of project activities and produce periodic project performance reports and submit as required

·         Carry out other tasks as required.

Job Requirements

§ MSc in Health informatics, M&E or Public Health from a reputable University is required.

§ Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the Ethiopian health systems.

§ Basic computer knowledge with ability to use the MS office applications

§ Experience with HIV/AIDS related information system ·      

§ Both English and Amharic language skills required

§ Expertise in using EMR and other health information system is a plus

§  Demonstrable proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, data visualization and statistical packages as well as data analysis skills are mandatory.

Competency Requirements:

§ Ability to analyze and interpret data and write reports.

§ Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with people of different backgrounds.

§ Ability to apply problem-solving skills to ongoing challenges.

§ Strong organizing, planning, and prioritizing skills.

§ Capacity to operate both as a team player in large diverse teams as well as individually.

§ Demonstrated exceptional coaching and mentoring ability.

§ Self-motivated with a strong work ethics.

§ Excellent leadership, management and teambuilding skills;

§ Demonstrable technical report and scientific writing skills;

§ Excellent organizational and time-management skills and a proven ability to deliver under schedules and work well under pressure;

§ Skills in HIV/AIDS programme monitoring and evaluation is an asset

How to Apply

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NB – Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Closing date for receiving applications is – October 12, 2022

Apply Now Deadline Oct 12, 2022

Position 5 : Central HIV Case Surveillance Coordinator

Job Description

JD for Central HIV Case Surveillance Coordinator

Number of positions: 3

Duty Station: Addis Ababa

Position Summary:

As Ethiopia is expanding the implementation of HIV Case Surveillance (CS) in all HIV testing health facilities throughout the country, there is a need to strengthen the coordination and monitoring capacity of the central level, which in turn provides an opportunity to ensure the implementation of programs as per standard. Under the general supervision of the Team Lead for HIV CS, the Central HIV CS Coordinator will participate in the preparation of protocols and implementation guides, and also coordinate the implementation of HIV CS (case reporting and longitudinal CS) in regions under his/her supervision and is in charge of ensuring their implementation. He/she also supports the implementation of the recent infection testing algorithm (RITA), the use of surveillance data for epidemic control programs, and community engagement activities.


·         Provide above-and site-level monitoring and implementation support for roll out of recency and viral load testing and data capture and management

·         Centrally coordinate the overall implementation of HIV CS  in the assigned regions 

·         Support the preparation of training guides and other job aids and tools

·         Organizes, coordinate and facilitate capacity building activities including TOT and rollout training. 

·         Track the site level response and provide feedback to FMOH and regions 

·         Provide TA to Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI) and regions in hotspot identification and public health response

·         Provide TA on Community Engagement Activities and work closely with stakeholders including, but not limited to, the MOH, EPHI, and Network of HIV Positives in Ethiopia (NEP+)

·         Provide TA on the use of surveillance data for epidemic control

·         Conduct continuous and Periodic monitoring in health facilities implementing HIV Case surveillance.

·         Collaborate with the regional team and conduct supportive supervision and site readiness assessment.

·         Establish and maintain successful work relationships with EPHI, RHBs, and CDC.

·         Assist EPHI and regions and produce quarterly surveillance reports.

·         Assist EPHI and regions in data analysis and visualization of the program data.

·         Continually document and disseminate program successes, case studies and lessons learned.

·         Produce periodic reports and a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

·         Conducts follow up activities required for program monitoring.

·         Supervise the regional team and give feedback regularly.

·         Undertakes other tasks assigned by his /her supervisor.

Job Requirements

·         MD and/or MPH degree, Advanced degree in epidemiology/public health/Laboratory (Master’s degree at minimum, doctoral-level degree preferable).

·         Must have more than 10 years’ experience in public health epidemic response and HIV program.

·         Ability to coordinate a team of technical experts with varied background (information system developers, epidemiologists, health care service providers, etc.)

·         Demonstrated ability to work with a variety of stakeholders (e.g. Ministry of Health, local government authorities, partner organizations, civil society and donors)

·         Demonstrated experience in facilitating the dissemination and use of disease surveillance data

·         Demonstrated competence in the analysis of disease surveillance data

·         Strong oral and written skills in English.

·         Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship.  

·         Must be willing to travel frequently to project activity regions.

·         Having prior working experience in a similar capacity has an advantage.

How to Apply

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NB – Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Closing date for receiving applications is – October 12, 2022

Apply Now Deadline Oct 12, 2022

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