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Job Title: Marketing Project Officer

Company: Semay Digital Marketing

Job Type: Permanent

Job Title: Marketing Project Officer
Position Type: Full Time
Salary: 10,000ETB + Commission based
Responsible to: General Manager
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Semay is a communication, advertising and marketing agency built to create and improve the presence of companies using different communication platforms.
Join an established and fastest growing marketing agency with an amazing team of experts looking for a Marketing Project Officer to support our team/company.

Key Responsibilities:

Conducting research and analyzing data to identify and define clients
Researching competitors and learning how to stay ahead of the competition to recruit and keep new clients
Proposal Writing
Elevator Pitches
Creating and launching marketing strategies, campaigns and productions
Developing promotional activities
Writing and proofreading creative copy
Organizing events and product exhibitions
Monitoring and reporting performance of marketing strategies, campaigns and productions
Manage client relations effectively. Timely report and escalate to upper management as and when needed.
Manage marketing projects to ensure milestones are delivered on time within the stipulated scope and budget

Key Qualifications:

BA Degree, a plus if its in marketing, communication or business
2 to 4 years relevant experience [full-time or internship] in marketing, proposal writing and/or project management
A plus if knowledgeable in digital marketing communication tools and techniques and related development like social media

Key Skills
Verbal and written communication skills to call, email and meet and solicit clients
Negotiation skills when presenting clients with a contract and establishing terms
Advanced customer service skills to remain personable with clients to build relationships and establish yourself as a reliable source for the client to turn to with any questions or concerns
Team building and collaboration abilities when working with other departments to develop strategies that benefit clients
Strong problem-solving skills to help clients overcome any obstacles and develop solutions that enhance the clients’ efficiency and productivity

To apply, send your updated CV along with a cover letter to

8 June 2022

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